Since 1893 & for more than 125 years Coloplast develops products and services to make life easier for people with deeply personal and private medical conditions.
The more intimate the condition, the greater the requirement to come closer to customers, understand their world and develop solutions that are sensitive to their special needs. We call this Intimate Healthcare.

The company manufactured a comprehensive range of medical devices for urology, surgery, Men & Women Health.
Endo-Urology: a wide range of Dormia® stone extractors and ureteral stents, PCN, balloon dilation catheter, percutaneous nephrostomy kits.
Other Urology: all disposable surgical devices required for handling Prostate disorders, from the diagnosis (biopsy) to the treatment (prostatic catheters, bladder evacuator, post-operative bags); and also addressing bladder and suprapubic drainage, urethral strictures, voiding dysfunctions and Bladder Outflow Obstruction.
• Men’s Health: innovative inflatable penile implants (TitanTM) or malleable for treating erectile dysfunction.
• Female Pelvic Health: slings (ArisTM and AltisTM) and meshes (NovasilkTM) to treat stress urinary incontinence and pelvic organ prolapses.
• General Surgery: a wide range of drains and a high-quality suction/irrigation device for laparoscopy (Elefant®)
Urodynamics: a wide range of urodynamics catheters.
JAT Medical is distributer of Coloplast (Interventional Urology) in KSA.