Since 1893 & for more than 125 years of fruitful relations with surgeons and to be closer from their needs, Coloplast provides a high level of service with a wide range of adapted products which contributed to the strong reputation of Coloplast worldwide.

Porges Laboratories were established in Sarlat (France) by Fernand Porgès in 1893.

The company manufactured a comprehensive range of medical devices for urology and surgery, including the first catheters for draining and voiding the bladder urine.

Porges provides a comprehensive range of devices products you need for your practice:

• Endo-Urology: a wide range of Dormia® stone extractors and ureteral stents, PCN, balloon dilation catheter, percutaneous nephrostomy kits.

• Other Urology: all disposable surgical devices required for handling Prostate disorders, from the diagnosis (biopsy) to the treatment (prostatic catheters, bladder evacuator, post operative bags); and also addressing bladder and suprapubic drainage, urethral strictures, voiding dysfunctions, Bladder Outflow Obstruction and other urological conditions.

• Men’s Health: innovative inflatable penile implants (Titan™) or malleable for treating erectile dysfunction; KiWee™ testicular implants.

• Female Pelvic Health: slings (Aris™ and Altis™ ) and meshes (Novasilk™) to treat stress urinary incontinence and pelvic organ prolapses.

• General Surgery: a wide range of drains and a high quality suction/irrigation device for laparoscopy (Elefant®);

• Urodynamics: a wide range of urodynamics catheters.