Welcome at our Agency

    JAT began as a member in the field of health care in 2011.
    In spite of the fact that JAT is still young, but it started very quickly and to be an active partner in the development of medical services in the Kingdom by sharing major international companies JAT to be one of the leading pioneers in the Kingdom and live up to its employees and its partners in the near future.


    Our Values

    Lead innovation and advancement in healthcare business development.
    Ethics is inherent to the nature of our business through practices that lead to the great ethical standards. Conscience of each member is the guard of our actions.

    – JAT believes in extending own resources to improve the mode of living in the community.

    – JAT ensures to conduct business in a highly creative and transparent.

    – JAT commits to the highest standards of quality in the selection of products and services.

    – JAT will develop its associates into great leaders enabled to drive the market as per our orientations.

    – JAT considers customer satisfaction the primary factor of success.